The Dragofosso countryside, closely overlapping with the region of the Baccarato, between Aidone and Piazza Armerina territories and place of the Holy Brigida's Grotto,  is the site of a necropolis with an hellenistic and Roman settlement. In a elevated but comfortable position, by the side of one of the important royal Sicilian “trazzere”, near the farmhouse and its castle, the Baccarato warehouse was placed. Place of rest and change of the horses during the long movements between the iblea and Caltagirone region, central and western Sicily. Today only the main building is left, with its long and small build, the stables, the inn and the managerial house, in addition to the minor buildings which were constituting the natural court of it.
The documentary value of the building is great but risks the oblivion because of the frequent tamperings and the abandonment of it. The Holy Brigida's Grotto is a traditional holy place in the region of the Baccarato. Opened on the east  side of the Dragofosso mountain, we were not able to find the entry of it so it's necessary verify its existence and remains.
Superficial finds of the Neolithic age and the age of the bronze are put beside to the modern DragoFosso masseria.