Thanks to the geographical position, Aidone is called “The Balcony of Sicily”, because it is possible to admire the Mount Etna, the Nebrodi mountains, the Jonian Sea, Siracusa and the Catania plain.
Aidone is an Arabic word “Ay-ndun” that means “superior fountain of water”.
This little town of Aidone was founded by the Normans who arrived in Sicily headed by Count Roger of Hauteville in order to fight against the Arabs. The first inhabitant were the “Lombards”, families of Roger’s army coming from Monferrato Region near Turin (North Italy).
After the Normans the Svevians with “Rubeo the red” occupied the territory. In 1282, Aidone lived the”Sicilian Vespri” (the rebellion against the Angevins) and subsequntely it was controlled by the Aragonesian from 1282 until 1516. In 1693 Aidone suffered many damnages caused by a terrible earthquake.
Thanks to Bourbon domination (1700-1860) a new middle class grew who directed the fights that brought the Italian Unification. The economy of Aidone is based on agriculture , wheat, olives and livestock breeding.


Comune di Aidone
Superficie: Kmq 209,86
Altitudine: mt. 900 slm
Popolazione: 5841 abit.
Prefisso Telefonico: 0935
C.A.P.: 94010